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Staff Spotlight: Melissa Asia, Recruitment and Marketing Manager

Years at Action Appointments: 12

Key Roles and Responsibilities: Recruitment, HR, Marketing, Website Management, Social Media Management, Client Liaison and Administration

Personal Motto: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

How many years have you been at AA and what was your background coming into the company?

I started at Action Appointments in June 2011 as an Office Administrator, got promoted to Recruitment/Administration Officer then Recruitment Consultant and now Recruitment and Marketing Manager since 2021.

What do you love about your job?

Securing jobs for people in the development sector and learning about all the amazing NGOs out there.

What don’t you love about your job?

Basic administration. We are excited about using new technologies at AA to make our lives easier, while improving the experience for our clients and candidates.

What does your perfect Saturday look like?

A morning stroll on the beach with my son, a chilled lunch and spending time with my loved ones.

How would you explain working in the NGO / social development sector to a stranger? Working in the NGO / Social Development sector gives you the most amazing feeling, being able to assist where your input really matters and makes a difference in people’s lives. I love being able to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

If you weren’t in recruitment, what would your dream job be?

A detective.

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