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Staff Spotlight: Callum Fraser, Recruitment and Systems Specialist

Years at Action Appointments: 4

Key Roles and Responsibilities: Recruitment, Marketing, Business Development, Systems, Database Management, Technological Decision-Making and more

Personal Motto: Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated, and try to see things through their eyes.

How long have you been at AA and what was your background coming into the company?

I joined AA in 2019 coming from the software development industry, with a view to working in a more socially engaging industry and also assisting Action Appointments with its technological journey. I had also worked in the social development space through volunteering and working with Parliamentary Monitoring Group during my university studies.

What do you love about your job?

Interacting with really passionate people and assisting them to find new opportunities and all the excitement that comes with.

What don’t you love about your job?

I will say that basic administration is a thorn in the side of any company working as an agency, as it reduces the time we have available to assist with the sensitive dynamics of recruitment processes. However, it has been an inspiration for us to take AA into the next age of technology and leverage our database and other data assets into helping us work rather than being a burden.

What does your perfect Saturday look like?

A very early and big hike into a tasty lunch and spending the rest of the day on the couch. Maybe a swim in the sea if Cape Town weather is behaving.

How would you explain working in the NGO / social development sector to a stranger?

Working in the NGO space is a daily inspiration even though we are highly constrained in many ways compared to the corporate sector. I love working with people who are passionate about their work, excited for new jobs and hungry to enact change through what they do. It is also wonderful working with hiring managers who have experience and deeply know and understand what they need out of their candidates. Civil society is truly one of the backbones of South Africa.

If you weren’t in recruitment, what would your dream job be?

Part-time DJ and professional soccer player.

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