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Council on Economic Policies
Any major Asian financial market
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Closing Date:
Monday, 23 October 2023

About the Organisation

The Council on Economic Policies (CEP) is an international nonprofit nonpartisan economic policy think tank for sustainability with a focus on fiscal, monetary and trade policy. We formulate and promote economic policy solutions that strengthen individual opportunity, social cohesion, and environmental stability.

Our work is driven by the conviction that changes to economic policies are vital for sustainability. Whether governments align fiscal policy with a sustainability agenda, whether central banks integrate social and environmental considerations into their decisions and whether trade agreements account for their effects on climate change, employment and public services has significant ramifications for people and the planet.

The Fellow will be part of the Climate Finance Fellowship, a pilot initiative providing pathways for finance professionals to transition to climate finance careers with the goal of accelerating organizations leading the energy transition financing movement in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In addition to your position at CEP, as a Fellow you will benefit from climate change, energy finance, and leadership development training, as well as building your global network of likeminded professionals. Some international travel may also be required. IREX, a global non-profit that has supported more than 50,000 Fellows over 50 years, will implement the fellowship and provide ongoing support to you.

About the Job

Within our monetary policy program a focus of our engagement lies on the integration of climate and nature considerations, as well as long-term economic and financial stability goals into the governance of finance.

This opportunity is a 1-year fellowship position based in any major Asian financial market to expand our engagement centered on the alignment of monetary policy and financial supervision in key Asian economies with the objective of building an affordable, secure and clean energy future, and a net-zero transition of the economy to limiting global warming, and adapting to climate change.

Key Responsibilities

  • developing policy proposals and engaging in public debates on governing finance, climate change and Asia’s energy future,

  • building and deepening partnerships in the field of monetary policy and financial supervision,

  • collaborating with core partners,

  • communicating research findings and policy recommendations to specialist and non-specialist audiences,

  • organizing and hosting events on monetary policy and financial supervision,

  • supporting the overall development of CEP’s monetary policy program.


  • shares our aim to strengthen the alignment of economic policies with the objective of sustainable prosperity,

  • brings along substantial experience from either a central bank or a financial supervisor as well as experience in providing policy advice to and interacting with senior officials,

  • has strong self-organization skills and is keen to coordinate closely with team members, whilst delivering core work and program goals independently,

  • enjoys debates between different viewpoints and is keen to learn from different perspectives.

To apply

Must be legally eligible to work full time in your country of residence.

In order to apply, email your application by Monday 23rd October 2023 to

Image by William Bossen
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